Our mission at Next Stage is to help people step into their uniqueness with courage
and confidence by working with horses as partner coaches.

After a long, diverse career, engaging with people and building relationships in a variety of roles, I decided to shift to independent practice.  Since 2010, I have focused largely on leadership and organizational development, working with individuals and teams.
I decided to enrol in a certified coaching program, during which a classmate mentioned equine-facilitated coaching (EFC). Even though I had horses, I really did not want to pursue or even think about it; I was afraid of all that it might involve.
Soon after, another colleague asked me about EFC and really thought I should pursue it.  I still was not ready. In 2015, when I was exhausted from extensive work-related travel and too much time away from home, EFC began invading my dreams. This seed of an idea would not go away!
So, I did some research and found a program that piqued my curiosity. I booked a telephone appointment while trying to convince myself that it was just about getting information. I was hooked. Something in my being knew that I needed to pursue EFC, even if it was just for me and not my professional practice. It offered the perfect opportunity to explore a new way of growing, to be challenged, and to step really, really, far out of my comfort zone. I enrolled with the Academy of Coaching with Horses, summoned the courage to start a year-long program, get on a plane, and go to the United States to learn.

[Fast Forward!]

Next Stage Equine Facilitated Coaching emerged out of a place of possibility.  Starting Next Stage wasn’t easy. It involves a journey that has me facing fears, working through many reservations, effectively managing change, and ultimately charting a new course that I know can serve others.  

Equine-facilitated learning is profound work. The mysterious, majestic “way of the horse”, coupled with expert coaching and facilitation, provides for a complete shift - in consciousness, in paradigms, and ultimately in ways of being.

If something in your being knows that you need to step into it and come away with the possibility of embracing transformation, I look forward to supporting your journey.


-Gail Boone, CoACH & facilitator


Gail, with her Grandpa