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Equine Facilitated Coaching

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Come with us on the journey to transform…. to embody the change you desire….to step into your brilliance and become all that you were meant to be.


The International Coaching Federation defines coaching as: "partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential." 

Coaching is creating that trusting relationship between two people committed to working collaboratively in a heartfelt and meaningful way to create new possibilities and enhanced performance.  Great coaches are thoughtful, deliberate and intentional about creating that safe place and enabling the conditions where growth happens. When we add a HORSE to the team, something magical happens. 

Coaching has the potential to be life changing.  Change starts with the first experience.  It starts when you are ready.  While you are the expert in your own life, sometimes it takes unbiased coaching partners to hold the mirror that lets you look in places yet to be discovered.  The deep dive takes a lot of hard work, requires readiness, openness and taking a bit of risk.  It’s work that calls on your capacity to fully show up to create the conditions for your success.  

Equine Facilitated Coaching offers an opportunity for experiential exploration.  Horses mirror us and provide instant feedback about how they are receiving our ‘felt sense’, an idea that’s tough to put into words.  Felt sense is body awareness that ever changes in relation to circumstances and the environment we’re in.  It’s the way we experience sensation and knowledge of ourselves.  Even when we are unaware, our felt sense is communicating through our body.  Growing our awareness by sensing deeply into our bodies, we can learn more about ourselves and the way we want to embrace our opportunity for a fulfilling personal and professional life.  In the moment and fully aware, we can lead ourselves from an informed and conscious place.  When we learn more about ourselves and the impact we have on others, we can lead from a different place…. a conscious, intentional and heart space place.  The horse facilitates self-learning and going deeper to access the body’s wisdom.   My job is to partner with HORSE and  challenge you, with HEART, to move beyond what you currently believe is possible. 

Through the process of coaching, you learn more about yourself, your values, your leadership style, how you show up and what you really want.  When you are in alignment you can create positive change for you and for others.  You will deepen your understanding, learning, improve your performance and productivity and just have a better quality of life. 

Using a variety of tools including Mind Body Method™, HORSE and I work on coaching integration of the whole brain (both sides) and body to create higher levels of awareness and consciousness, and to “create inner alignment, deep intuition, personal strength and confidence.”  It is a means to a greater sense of self, awareness, and personal power.  Our bodies hold our truth:  information, knowledge and wisdom that can guide our actions when we learn to listen.  

As a member of the International Coaches Federation, I adhere strictly to the Code of Ethics.

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