This experience was so unique and authentic. As someone who is nervous around horses I was completely out of my comfort zone. But the supportive environment and gentle nature of the horse allowed me to connect to the horse on a very unexpected and spiritual level. At one point my horse partner reassured me that he trusted me implicitly by closing his eyes in a completely relaxed state. This was a clear signal to me of his trust in me. By being my authentic self, I gained his trust…what a lesson in life! Gail’s guidance through exercises to connect to my body and let go of intrusive thoughts was so powerful...I have never felt that connected to my body. This experience was transformative is so many ways!
— Jeannine, Halifax
Gail is the consummate executive coach using a variety of both new and traditional methods that I have found truly beneficial to my professional growth and development. Whether experiencing an equine facilitated session on her farm in which she draws on the calming influence of horses to examine a wide range of issues; participating in one of her professional development workshops, or getting targeted advice in a one-on-one session - Gail’s holistic approach to professional coaching is unique, inspired and extremely helpful.
— Lori Harrop, President, Anchor Communications, Halifax, NS.
Gail is the most patient, understanding, observant, and knowledgeable coach and I feel the most fortunate to receive her coaching and guidance. Everything that I have learned from her will benefit me for the rest of my life
— S, Halifax
I have had some time to reflect on the experience and the words that come to mind are ‘powerful’, ‘thought-provoking’ and in many ways - ‘life-changing’. I have never felt so “tuned in” to my body and senses. I feel empowered by the session. Thank you for this.
— Tom, Nova Scotia
Over the past year, having Gail as my coach has been an incredibly valuable experience. Gail uses the tactic of guiding people to find answers. This allows not only for a collaborative approach to problem solving, but also ensured that I took person responsibility for what I decided to do next since I was part of that planning process. I had many “aha” moments through this process with Gail, and feel that I was able to learn a lot about myself, what I can bring to the workplace, and how I can continue to grow.
— Camille, Halifax

One of the most profound experiences of my life.  I never could have imagined the power that comes with connecting … really connecting with horse and being so free to be vulnerable in an extremely safe and comforting way.
— KB , Nova Scotia

I bring a lot of knowledge, skill and creativity to my role, but was hitting walls in some areas – areas I believed were beyond my control. Through coaching, I’m learning to identify the results I really want, and to look for my own hidden assumptions and barriers.
— DE, Nova Scotia

I began regularly spending time with these horses in 2016. I had been around some horses a little bit growing up. For the past couple of years though, in addition to ‘hanging out’ with them, I have taken responsibility for looking after, grooming, and walking them. These first-time experiences were a little scary at first because they’re big animals.
Getting to know them and understand that as prey animals, they’re basically scared of their own shadow, being around them became less intimidating. (I could actually relate to them, having experienced high anxiety myself.) They are somewhat competitive when it comes to attention and food, but they handle their differences and work together.
Until then, I hadn’t had a chance to appreciate horses as individual ‘beings’; their presence and just the way that they are. Observing them daily and through my pastime in photography, I could see that they each have subtle traits and unique personalities. Depending on what’s going on with me on any given day, I’ve noticed differences with respect to how they each react and how I feel in their presence. It’s hard to describe what they bring to you that you wouldn’t expect. There’s an unspoken connection that’s difficult to explain.
But there’s more. In the spring of 2017, I did my 2nd equine-facilitated coaching session. There were things going on in my life that were creating emotional issues. I was having a hard time working through and coping with them. By the end of that session, I had an experience unlike any I’d ever had before … with humans or with animals.
As a coach, Gail is very good in helping you get out of your head, and to figure out what your body is telling you in relation to whatever issue or opportunity you might have. That was uncomfortable in a way because it was helping me go to a place emotionally, where I would not necessarily go. The coaching questions establish a rhythm that calms you down, so I was not inclined to interrupt the process. I think I was fighting it, but Eco (the horse partner that I chose for the session) knew what was going on.
I was outside of the round pen with my back to him when Gail asked me to turn and look at what he was doing. I saw by his gyrations that he was tormented and a whole gamut of emotions surfaced for me, because I was tormented. He was recognizing something that I was avoiding being true with. Gail asked me if I was prepared to join him in the round pen … to bring all of those truths into my heart and share it with him. She gave us some space and when I stepped into the round pen, he turned. He stared at me and it felt like he was staring into my soul. The connection was like experiencing his unconditional acceptance of who I was and how I was feeling; I felt so okay and safe in that moment.
Even though he had been very hyper and tormented just a few minutes earlier, he acted towards me in a way that I hadn’t experienced him in the months prior. Usually extremely fidgety and a little distant, he stood close to me with his head on my shoulder as if to say, “It’s okay, you can trust me.” And I did. It was as close as I could get to receiving a hug from a horse. It was very much a spiritual experience.
I carry that image in my mind to this day for situations when I feel the anxieties or insecurities. When doubts arise, I can lean back on my truths and that feeling of acceptance.
I went in, without an obvious reason why I was so full of anxiety and generally feeling unsettled. Before the session, I was trying too hard to use my mind to figure it out. But what I thought might be going on, was not what arose for me. Through Gail’s coaching questions and the gift of the horses’ nonverbal communication and responsiveness, it provided a personal awareness I had not thought possible.
It helped me to feel grounded. That in turn, enabled me to be more open to understanding what I was truly going through (in my body, and less in my mind, the opposite of what I usually do). It changed my perspective. Really connecting with a non-judgemental being gave me the opportunity to be non-judgemental with myself and to just be with whatever I was feeling at the moment.
I would highly recommend equine-facilitated coaching to anyone. It is a very different way of trying to understand and deal with whatever situation might be causing distress.
— Julie , Halifax