Connect to Horse.  Connect to You.

People get stuck.  Individuals and groups become stalled or confused:  In personal or professional relationships; In work/career, and stage of life transitions (or dead ends); Or in reaction to challenging or traumatic events. 

Horses listen and respond to what is going on inside of us and they understand us sometimes better than we do ourselves.  Horses understand energy. They can sense if we are afraid, tense, calm, timid, aggressive, angry, frightened, or grounded. They ‘see’ us behind the mask and the image of who we think we are. They constantly monitor and react to their surroundings.  We are part of their surroundings. They process and react to our energy immediately and in ways that are honest and non-judgmental. As the sensate being it is, Horse will always tell us when we are not aligned and in balance. They listen to what is happening on the inside of the human. 


The Next Stage Experience

Next Stage weaves the power of the horse’s innate abilities with decades of designing and facilitating successful interactive growth experiences. Gail Boone and Wayne Marsh have touched and been touched by thousands of individuals and hundreds of groups looking for leadership and improvement strategies in both public and private sector settings.  While the human partner creates and guides the experiential conditions for discovery and growth, the horse reveals the client’s inner, energetic, emotional ‘in the moment’ state. 

Uniquely, Gail brings International Coach Federation competencies and adheres to their Codes of Ethics and Conduct.  She is one of 4 in Canada to be certified in the Mind Body Method™ taught by the Kathy Pike at the Academy of Coaching with Horses in Colorado.  Her approach has also been shaped by the work of Ariana Strozzi Mazzucchi. (Pioneer in Equine Guided Education), Mark Rashid (natural horsemanship), Linda Kohanov (equine-facilitated psychotherapy), and Peter Levine (understanding and dealing with trauma). 

Next Stage offers impactful coaching services to individuals and groups from its 40-acre setting conveniently situated near Nova Scotia’s Halifax Stanfield International Airport. 




A program may be right for you if:

  • You are on a journey of self-discovery about how you show up in the world and impact  others
  • You are seeking a different type of growth experience to stretch you out of your comfort zone and gain new perspective
  • You are searching for the way to ‘be’ in the face of everyday pressure and demands
  • You want to discover what you can do differently to enhance your personal and professional life experience 
  • You want to take your leadership to the next level
  • You want to identify and develop your ambition and aspiration – vision for the future 



  • Learn how to listen to your inner guidance system
  • Tap into the wisdom of the body 
  • Get out of your own way by identifying the blocks, barriers, old stories, and obstacles to moving forward
  • Learn, through the interaction with the horse, about how you show up in relationship with others by being exposed to the things you cannot see 
  • Learn the personal effect of things we take for granted such as power, energy, listening and communication 
  • Increase your awareness of how energy shapes emotion, action and decisions you make in your life 
  • Make better informed decisions 
  • Learn how and when to use skills that give and don't take energy
  • Access and develop natural leadership capability with understanding of the why we do what we do