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Push Pause and Reboot  is designed to provide an opportunity to reflect and reshape your SELF story.


There are times when we really do need a helping hand.  When we face our darkest fears, it is really, really hard to dig deep and come up with the strength and courage to face the unknown.  To truly believe that we have what it takes.  And that we can move beyond survive to thrive, or even to just being ‘okay’.  

When we’ve been knocked down, we are more likely to believe what others tell us about ourselves.  We become hard on ourselves.  Our inner critic has the floor and steals the show.  Self-worth and confidence are in the toilet.  And we believe our own stories, rating ourselves and others and thinking those assessments are truth.  When we mostly feel wrong (or not enough, less than, or unworthy), self-judgements drain self-respect and leave us living small, insignificant or inconsequential lives. 

Push Pause and Reboot is designed to provide an opportunity to reflect and reshape your SELF story.  Through equine-facilitated coaching sessions, participants learn to give voice to their body’s wisdom; to speak their internal truths; to set boundaries; to know what is right for them; and to move beyond the story of the false self.  Sessions deal with energy, emotion, intention, communication, goal-setting and decision-making. 

Organizations working with persons who are rebuilding their way forward are invited to call and explore individual or group opportunities.  One or two-day sessions are custom designed.  Pricing respects not-for-profit or publicly-funded budget challenges.


As a member of the International Coaches Federation, I adhere strictly to the Code of Ethics. 

Find the code here. https://coachfederation.org/code-of-ethics

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