Our mission at Next Stage is to help people find and step into their uniqueness with courage and confidence, by working with horses as partner coaches to facilitate meaningful change.

"I have had a long career in relationships. Outside of my formal roles I sought opportunities to work independently teaching, and developing leaders. When I decided to leave my formal role (2010), I started working on contract with organizations largely in leadership or organizational development.  I decided I needed to formalize my coaching methods so decided to enroll in a certified coaching program.  And, while there a classmate, who knew I had horses, mentioned equine facilitated coaching. At the time, I really did not want to pursue it, or even think about it as I was afraid of all this would mean. Shortly after this, another former colleague started asking me about EFC and really thought I should pursue it. I was still was not ready. It wasn't until 2015 my work had me travelling for most of the fall and winter months. I was exhausted and spent way too much time away from home.  I also started dreaming about EFC. It was like the seed of an idea that would not go away...


So, I began looking at programs. I found one that peaked my curiosity. I booked a telephone appointment all the while thinking this was just about getting information. From the moment the phone was answered I was hooked. Something in my being knew I needed to pursue this even if it was just for me. It was the perfect opportunity to explore a new way of growing, being challenged and to have me step really, really, far out of my comfort zone.  So, I enrolled with the Academy of Coaching with Horses, jumped on a plane and went to the US to learn. I was not sure even when I finished the program if I would make this official.
Now, years later, I am excited to be launching Next Stage and I look forward to sharing this with each and every one of you ." 


   -Gail Boone, CoACH & facilitator