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In addition to longer-term programs, Next Stage offers a variety of half, full, and two-day starter programs.  With these, the intention is to provide exposure to this experiential, equine-guided way of supported learning.  Sessions offered arise from topics known to challenge us as we go about our daily activities.  


Equine Facilitated Coaching is essentially equine-guided inquiry, discovery and learning that enables growth.  To explore issues important to them, participants partner with a professional coach and Horse.  The coach first supports the client to clarify the issue. Then, the client completes with a horse, a series of activities designed to help them discover new ways of sensing, thinking, and being. The coach works with participants to help them understand the significance of the horse’s behaviour as it relates to the horse-human connection, energy and communication.  From there, the coach guides the participant to apply new insight and learning to their life. 

Equine-guided experiences draw upon both the horse’s nature and the coach’s professional expertise, creating a unique opportunity for the client to embody their learning.  Growth happens when we take time to reflect on our experiences and choose to live the change we want to see. 




Effective Communication

So much goes into effective communication.  A large, non-vocal portion includes body language, facial expressions and eye contact.  That’s what we see on the outside.  But what about what’s going on inside? 

How do energy, emotion, intention, and thought affect our communication?  If you are curious about:  how to get in touch with your internal communication; what your non-verbal is saying; the effect your communication has on others; or how to align non-verbal and verbal, then come explore with HORSE during this one-day session. 

Price:  $285.00 / day + HST

Accessing Your Power Within

Many forces can lead us into self-doubt, second-guessing, and not living the life that’s right for us.  If we haven’t typically recognized how to stand up for what we believe in or need, then it’s sometimes really tough to confront situations to find a better path than the one we’re on.  If you: are facing a situation with no obvious solution; want to learn to say what you need; would like to learn how to say “no”; or want to learn how to access and trust your internal wisdom, then this day long program might be right for you. 

Price:  $285.00 / day + HST

Establishing Your Boundaries

Establishing Your Boundaries

How often do you feel like you’ve not been true to you?  Have your buttons ever been pushed but you’re unclear why?  How clear are your values?  Sound familiar? 

We are hearing more and more about healthy boundaries as means to living in alignment with our true identify and maintaining biological, psychological, social and spiritual wellbeing.  Yet many don’t know how.  We wind up living under false beliefs or externally-imposed values, and bending our will to that of others.  Come for a one-day session with HORSE if you want to learn about boundaries and challenges in setting them, along with how to tap into your inner wisdom and move beyond typical and patterned responses. 

Price:  $285.00 / day + HST

Navigating Your Transition

Have you heard it said that, “All good things must come to an end”?  Well that is one way to look at transition.  Another is to see one door closing and another opening.  Sometimes when we are in the middle of it though, it’s hard to see that opening … to deeply believe in the power of possibility … to be inspired and look forward to something new, or to create the life you want. 

Life is about transitions.  If you are navigating a new job, starting a new business, having a child, taking care of loved ones, handling an empty nest, going through divorce, death or deciding ‘what now?’, our one-day Navigating session is for you.  Come and discover how to: listen to your body and use sensations as information to guide decisions; use techniques to help you ‘be present’ and live in the moment; and think positively and choose your response to life’s changes.

Price: 285.00 / day + HST

Understanding Emotions

Understanding Emotions

We live in a world where we’ve been taught a lot about emotions. Taught that they are either good or bad; to show them or not to show them; that they represent strength or weakness and so on and so on. What if we could learn to think differently about emotions?  What if we could realize that emotion is energy in motion? What if we could get to a place where we understand the wisdom of the emotion?  How would we live differently if we could be with, rather than be controlled, by our emotion?  If this appeals to you please join the two day session designed to dig into the positive power of our emotion.

Price: $545.00/ 2 day  + HST. 

Release & Reclaim

Memory lives in the body. Full stop.  Period. There it lives. 

It is so easy to fall into old stories, remembering the past hurts, feeling wounds that won’t heal and fixate on what’s wrong.  Release & Reclaim is about getting in touch with what we want to let go of and replace with something to affirm our BEING.  Release & Reclaim is about recognizing the felt self of the old story and replacing the false voice with an authentic one.  If you want to let go so that you can live freely and fully, then come for this one-day session and discover the felt difference between the old and the new. 

Price: $285.00 / day + HST




If your team wants to take it to the next level, to discover how it works, or wants to identify the habits, practices and dynamics at play in its system, then come and join the Herd and me for a facilitated experiential coaching session like none other. 

High performance teams just don’t happen. Team members are deliberate and intentional about the way they come together, contribute, collaborate to create. Members trust one another.  They have the really hard conversations that bring out the best in everyone. They support one another, share ideas, accept the responsibility to contribute for a meaningful result. They know when to lean in and when to step back for the greater good. They create an atmosphere of magic. 

Horses in the wild live in bands or herds. Each one in the band has a role. They cooperate and contribute in a meaningful way because they understand and respect each other’s role.  They rely on one another to increase their chances of survival.  They are expert communicators.  Because they are highly energetic and rely on their instincts to respond to changes in the quality of energy in their environment they know in the moment if they are safe, or have to fight or take flight.  They don’t think about it. They just do it. They make decisions on how they feel because their lives depend on it. There’s no room for self-doubt or second guessing. 

When working with human teams, horses quickly get your number. They can reveal the team dynamic immediately.  They know who is aligned and on task, who they have to be wary of, how the team members are using their energy, the energy dynamic of the whole team and so much more.  They provide the feedback in a non-judgemental, clear and accepting way.  They offer the opportunity for amazing insight as to how much is going on inside each and every one of us.  They invite us to develop all of our senses so that we can understand the nuance of non-verbal communication and the work required to be in alignment with self and with the team. 

When partnered with a professional certified coach who knows the questions to ask and the technique of debrief that includes how the horse has responded to the  team, the REVEAL is nothing short of profound. It makes the invisible visible in a safe, real, authentic and honouring way. 

One or two day sessions are custom designed. Prices vary depending on the design and number of team members.

1.  All of the programs above can be designed and delivered for individuals or teams, except one program, “The Eye in Teams’ is offered to teams.

2.  Finally, there’s an opportunity for custom designs to address a personal or professional situation important to you. If you have a challenge to work through, or a new idea to explore, then join us for a half or full-day session.  Alternatively, if you and your spouse, family member or other relationships feel like they would benefit from a couple or group session contact us for a program that will be right for you.


As a member of the International Coaches Federation, I adhere strictly to the Code of Ethics.

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