Executive & Leadership Coaching

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Your learning will deepen your understanding, improve your performance and productivity, and boost your over all quality of life.  When you are in alignment, you can create positive change for you and for others.  


A client once said, ”Often at the CEO level there are few ‘confidants’ to help us think matters through, encourage and hold us ‘big’ to continue.”  And it’s oft said that it’s very lonely at the top.  

Just consider a few, very public catastrophes to register the weight that comes with a leadership title:  Maple Leaf Foods and Listeria; Sears and employee pensions; the CBC and misogyny and harassment; the RCMP and sexual harassment; the Canadian Federal Government’s Phoenix Pay System. 

This is the stuff of nightmares.  Being an organizational leader is tough and it is lonely.  And it is constantly shifting.  We are moving out of the technological age and into what some are calling the experience or intuition age.  What does that say about shifting leadership requirements?  Reach out to study leadership and there are innumerable places to look.  There are millions of books, journals, models, theories, assessment tools, resource guides, and retreats within Google’s immediate reach.  

But you can become a better leader.  This custom-designed Executive Coaching & Leadership Program starts by meeting you where you are.  Through the Equine Facilitated Coaching process, you learn more about yourself, your values, your leadership style, how you show up, and what you really want.  Your learning will deepen your understanding, improve your performance and productivity, and just boost quality of life.  When you are in alignment, you can create positive change for you and for others.  

It is hard for leaders to hear the need for a shift, especially when they have built a career on a strategy that has led to their current success.  However you will be in the driver’s seat and we work with whatever shows up in the equine-facilitated sessions.  And stuff does show up.  

Many who work in equine-guided education and learning say that somehow, it’s easier for humans to ‘hear’ or ‘receive’ equine feedback because HORSE offers it in such an honest, transparent, non-judgmental and real way.  They live in the moment and respond to how you show up in their space.  Because knowing what you, your energy, and intention are about is key to their survival, they size you up immediately.  They see inside you and they don’t pull any punches. They help you see how you are rather than how you think you are.  They serve as one client put it, ‘as the human lie detector.’  Creating conditions for the external expression of your internally-held truths, they will show you a way forward.  

If you are curious about: how your leadership really impacts others; what your next growth challenge is; or how you can further develop your relational capability, then experiential equine-facilitated coaching might just make the difference.  

My job is to: recognize your vulnerability; create an environment that feels safe for you; gain and honour your trust; ask tough, edgy questions; and assure you that our exchanges are completely confidential.  I do this while holding you fully capable to discover what works for you.  

HORSE is an essential partner to this unique experience.  HORSE’s job is to reflect as a mirror, what you are holding in your conscious and unconscious inner landscape so that you can be in full choice about what you want to do with the information. 

The coaching engagement is for a minimum of 6 and up to 12-months depending on your need.  We co-create a coaching contract beginning with the end in mind.  While the overall design meets you where you are, there is some structure around how we go about that.  The first is an on-site, 3-hour foundation session.  Then we meet twice monthly unless the discovery process makes it advisable to shift and reshape what we work on.  The number of HORSE-guided sessions will vary by client.  Ideally though, if you’re within driving distance, at least half the sessions are with HORSE.  If further away, then the schedule will compress into fewer but longer equine-facilitated coaching sessions 

The cost for 13 sessions (or equivalent) including the foundation session in 6 months is $3,600.00 plus HST.  If you choose to engage for 12 months then the cost is $6,850.00 plus HST. 

Click on this link to listen to an audio interview with host Carmen Theobald and me on the importance of this work. https://myhorseheart.com/2019/02/19/why-we-need-horse-sense-in-business-an-interview-with-gail-boone/

As a member of the International Coaches Federation, I adhere strictly to the Code of Ethics. 

Find the code here. https://coachfederation.org/code-of-ethics

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