Connect 360 

Ideal for:  Individual Adults ( younger & ‘seasoned’) & Professionals

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 Are you open to a journey of self-discovery?  Do you want to learn more about how the way you feel about you, what affects your communication and relationships with others?  Do you want to discover what to do differently to enhance your life experience and find a way to simply ‘be’ in the face of everyday pressure and demands? 

The Connect 360 is a six-session program for those who want a different type of growth experience.   It will stretch you out of the comfort zone and provide a new perspective that will enhance your life and relationships with others. 

Connect 360 came about as a result of day-after-day-after day of coaching sessions with people who are just plain worn out, “trying to survive.”  Its textures came from insights that clients shared upon seeing how their thoughts, beliefs, and perspectives shaped barriers that prevented them from achieving their heart’s desire. 

Effectiveness in life is tied to our basic nature and how our biology drives our psychology.  That biology-psychology link is not often covered in other theory or skills-based approaches.   This program is different because it enables real examination of how thinking, beliefs and perspectives affect self-image and consequently how we ‘show up’ or relate.  It challenges how we think and what we assume as we interact.  The coaching offered will help you understand how to ‘embody’ lasting change.  The work involves deep exploration of self that helps reveal those barriers and blocks to real change and supports you to be in full choice as you move forward.

There is logic to the program sequence and sessions are designed to be taken in order.  The first two are about helping you understand you.  Sessions three and four concentrate on self-management.  The final sessions are about connecting with others. 

This program expects a lot of you.  You get out of it what you put into it.  It includes on-site work with the Herd, one-on-one coaching, assignments and reflective work, and partner work. 

Connect 360 is offered twice a year:  Early May to mid-July and then again from September through to the end of October.  

The program can be taken as a whole or incrementally by signing up for two sessions at a time. 

As a member of the International Coaches Federation, I adhere strictly to the Code of Ethics. 

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